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Innovative Design: Integration of Xpower power tracks into your home design

There are many different brands of power tracks in the market so why did Palatine Hill Pte Ltd choose to integrate Xpower power tracks into our design projects? 
Designed to meet the growing demand for accessible electrical outlets, the Xpower modular power track provides power wherever it is needed. 

The track can be either mounted as wall skirting, mounted on a kitchen cabinet, clamped to the end of a desk, or run parallel beneath a conference table.

Xpower power tracks as wall skirting design 
Xpower power track in kitchen cabinet design 
Xpower power track clamped on edge of table design 
Xpower power track run parallel beneath a conference table 
The universal socket clicks onto the track, allowing the user to access electricity at any location, thereby reducing cable clutter. 
Without the rubber casing over the power line, it prevents wear and tear and erosion of the rubber casing. 
A line of smart home devices will also be adapted to the track system
The sleek track is extremely thin, making it an understated architectural element in any office, home, or public space.  
You may find out more about Xpower power tracks here!

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